Whistles Menswear

Earlier this year Whistles announced the introduction of a men’s line in addition to their well-received womenswear collections. Seeing as the brand’s first menswear collection is about to drop this month, now seems as good a time as ever to take another look at the collection and get irrationally giddy about oversized, dropped-shouldered knitwear and sweatpants.

In the style of Patsy Stone’s mood board, here’s the collection in a nutshell: neutral basics, clean and simple, fresh, COMFORTABLE, knits galore of the good sort (ha ha)… and with very nice shoes.

If you’re itching to get your hands on a piece of the collection (or all of it) keep an eye on the Whistles website.





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Who Cares? It’s the Weekend

Vintage plaid shirt. Striped shirt by Bassike. Jeans by Cotton On.

Vintage plaid shirt. Striped shirt by Bassike. Jeans by Cotton On.

When it’s a Saturday morning and the first thing you see outside is grey, you’re likely to eschew the basic rules of dressing and instead pair blue stripes with red plaid. Just go with it. Who really cares? It’s the weekend.


Endless Sunday



via T Magazine © Matthew Kristall

When you vow not to leave your house for 24 hours to study, only to spend four hours (and counting) procrastinating, you have a problem. When you decide the best form of procrastination is to catch up on all the editorials you’ve missed, and happen to stumble upon this particular one, you’ve got an even bigger problem.

I want it all, and I’m probably going to start singing about it if nobody tries to stop me.

Somehow I’ve begun thinking a $445 striped shirt and $860 knitted jumper (can you say L-L-L-Louis Vuitton?) are both highly practical and affordable, which they most certainly are not*.

All the above aside, I want to be Andrew Westermann in this shoot. The hippie vibes are strong — very strong — and I bloody love it. If only we could all make oversized mum jeans work.

* I should at least note that the denim jacket in the first shot is actually both practical and affordable. $90 at Gap.