If you’re not looking to read this post in its entirety, know this: Lana Del Rey is really, really, really fucking good, and so is her latest album.

Digital Booklet - Ultraviolence-4

When Lana Del Rey first came into the public eye with ‘Video Games’, I was immediately drawn to her unique, bitchface-bountiful aesthetic. When she came out with ‘Born To Die’, I was hooked; it was a record, from start to finish, of beautiful, cinematic songs that carried a distinct aesthetic, unlike anything else at the time. Then she took an interesting turn — and perhaps this was what she’d wanted to do all along — to a darker place. With songs like ‘Yayo’, which forms a contrast in the beauty of its music and the insidious nature of the lyrics, Del Rey progressively built up to her latest feat, ‘Ultraviolence’.

‘Ultraviolence’ is dark, as one would expect from its title borrowed from ‘A Clockwork Orange’, but the extent of that darkness is only truly revealed after a few listenings. The album’s title track features some of the most disturbing lyrics Del Rey has written, including my personal favourite: “He hit me and it felt like a kiss.” Other tracks, like the sardonic ‘Fucked My Way Up To The Top’, hit back at Del Rey’s critics, with equally powerful lyrics such as “I’m a dragon, you’re a whore”.

What makes ‘Ultraviolence’ so haunting isn’t merely the lyrics or the music itself, but rather that so much of it draws from the artist’s past. Certainly, aspects of Lana Del Rey are manufactured, much like Marilyn Monroe, but even without the bee-stung lips and vacant expressions, the semi-autobiographical nature of her music instils ‘Ultraviolence’ with just enough honesty and substance to equal its musical perfection.

Header image taken from the ‘Ultraviolence’ digital booklet.

Knit Wit

As someone living in a region of the world where any temperature below 20°C (that’s 68°F) is considered a cold snap, I have an odd obsession with knitwear. At present I only own four pieces — my favourite of which is a chunky (and I mean chunky) G-Star turtleneck, which I previously described as ‘perfect for Sex and the City marathons’ (I know, I’m cringing too) — but had I lived somewhere in Europe, my collection would surely quadruple in size.

Having considered my affinity with knitwear, it’s no surprise I squealed with delight (internally, of course) upon perusing River Island’s latest look book. RI’s autumn/winter offering has all bases covered with everything from light to chunky, pile to fuzzy and cobalt blue to leopard print.

It’s a knit-wit’s dream!

Note to self: move to Europe, live in knits.



If you hadn’t noticed, this little old blog has had some nipping and tucking over the last couple of months. It just so happens that the redesign process has been extended to include content — that is, I’m starting to publish mostly original images where possible.

Which brings me to this: the first original series on this blog, which I’ve simply dubbed ‘Three Looks’. The premise is nothing daring: I simply shoot three outfits on une personne chic. Capiche?

For the first Three Looks post, I couldn’t think of anyone better to feature than the single most awesome person I’ve met via Twitter: Gianni Borrelli.

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