By the Beach


Lois @ Jaz Daly Management

Photos + Styling by Nusardel Oshana

Hair + Makeup by Cherrie Anne Buraga

Tame Impala were onto something; aside from being a bloody great song, 'Let It Happen' works equally well as a creative mantra.

At any rate, it was my mantra as I attempted to cheat fate (the weather) and shoot a silk dress by the beach. Sadly, that effort failed. (Mother Nature: 1. Nusardel: 0.)

Early call times and meteorological frustrations aside, it's always a pleasure to work on shoots -- not least when you're working with a talented lot who accommodate your early call time and your desire to shoot an almost paper-thin slip dress on the windiest morning in November. (Thank you! Sorry!)

As for the editorial itself, the concept, if any, was something along these lines: beached mermaid à la Sofia Coppola wanders about the shore. Although it all started with a photo of a sequin-clad Kate Moss emerging from the Thames, the end product leans somewhere closer towards hipster Ariel in a normcore phase. Or as normcore as a beaded, open-backed fishtail gown with a plunging neckline can be.

I know, just shut up and get to the photos. I hear you.

Still, I promised content, and content I shall deliver. Getting behind the camera and styling are two activities that I've missed sorely over the last two years, so naturally I rectified the absence of both all in one go. I'm excited to share with you a test-shoot-turned-micro-editorial I shot and styled a couple of weeks ago.

Beaded mesh top by Ae'lkemiRipped boyfriend jeans by Caslazur.

Deep V embellished fishtail gown by Ae'lkemi.

Denim jacket by River IslandRibbed cami dress by Third Form. Model's own Converse sneakers.

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