Hunter, Gatherer, Curator?

Commercial art is a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, it's a more viable option to show it and make a safe income. On the other, it's very easy for the commercial aspect of an artwork to devalue its cultural worth.

Yet one event somehow managed to strike a balance between the two. Introducing #thearthunter.

The pop-up gallery, curated by Diana Palmer, is an amalgamation of both aesthetic-focused pieces and the more profound works, like Hendrik Gericke's installation where visitors can attach messages to the walls of a room. The clear intention is to provide an experience that not only pushes sales, but also offers enjoyment for those who simply want to look.


My own introduction to #thearthunter was through Tania, who you may know as the multitalented woman behind The Writing. A significant part of the gallery consists of a mirrored room with Tania's words of wisdom — in bold type, no less — strewn across an offensively bright, hot pink floor, and '#thewriting' written on the mirrors.

By no means is it a large room, and I'm sure the concept is nothing new, but it sums up the gallery as a whole: a collection of young artists, brimming with enthusiasm and passion, with works that reflect that.

The gallery will be open to the public until March 28th, across the road from The Grounds of Alexandria.