Current Favourites — Masks

Mask 4 Mask

L-R: Uriage Bariéderm; L'Oréal Pure Clay charcoal mask; Sukin 'Super Greens' detoxifying clay masque; Jordan Samuel Skin After Show treatment cleanser


Clay masks are great for clearing up congested skin.

L'Oréal's Pure Clay charcoal mask is like a reset switch for troublesome skin. It does what it claims to do — detoxify and brighten — it's affordable and easy to find at most supermarkets. I always return to this when I have an especially bad breakout.

The Super Greens mask from Sukin is another reliable clay mask that I've recently started using.


My favourite hydrating masks technically aren't even masks.

Uriage Bariéderm is an intense moisturising cream that creates a waterproof barrier on your skin. It works well as a final PM routine step, after sera, to lock in moisture. Plus it doubles as a decent lip balm or hand cream in a pinch.

If you're looking for immediate results, Jordan Samuel's After Show makes a nice rinse-off moisturising mask. Apply either on its own, or mix a pea-sized amount with 4 drops of a hydrating serum and 3 drops of your favourite face oil. It's also a very nice gel-to-oil cleanser worth every cent.

An honourable mention goes to the Origins Drink Up masks, which go alright if you're cool with the saccharine scent.

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