On a Budget — Exfoliants

No (Harsh) Scrubs

L-R: Palmer's exfoliating facial scrub; The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%

Skincare is essentially useless if you're not exfoliating at least twice a week. That said, there's a special place in hell for the St. Ives apricot scrub.

For regular exfoliation, I use a lactic acid serum from The Ordinary most nights. I've finished a bottle of the 5% and since moved on to the 10%. When I eventually run out, I think I'll go back to a glycolic acid treatment like Alpha-H Liquid Gold — I find glycolic is better at refining my skin's texture.

If you're brand new to chemical exfoliants and want to feel equal parts disgusted and amazed, the Dr. G brightening peeling gel is a good place to begin. I started on it per Arabelle Sicardi's advice and thoroughly enjoyed it.

When a chemical exfoliant doesn't cut it, but I don't want to do an intense peel, I (reluctantly) use a physical exfoliant. The Palmer's scrub is too harsh to use frequently; I use it once a week at most, when I start to feel bumps of dry/dead skin especially around my T-zone.

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